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    This is the Site Map for The Treen Workshop Website (


   Events Calendar - a listing to show where you can meet Ellie and see a range of the items she produces

   Commissions - contact Ellie to enquire about a custom made item

   Gallery - general photographs and descriptions of Ellie and Ian's work

Medium Bowls - and dishes, typically 5 to 9 inches in diameter

Small Bowls - and dishes, typically under 5 inches in diameter

Boards - and platters, for chopping, cutting and serving - various sizes

Sundry Household - door wedges, light pulls, key boards

   Links - links to other interesting websites

   Odds 'n' Ends - a page to display anything that does not fit anywhere else! 

   What Others Say About Us - customer comments and feedback on our products

   Contact - email contact details for Ellie Thompson

   About Us - a brief biography for Ellie and Ian of The Treen Workshop

  Our Guarantee - Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy 

    For further information explore this site or send an eMail to Ellie Thompson

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